Caitlyn Rose Case – MISSING since August 5, 2022

We are devastated.
We will remain vigilant.
We will pursue the truth and justice for Caitlyn.

We are grateful for each and everyone of you that have been with our family on this journey.
We pray for patience, strength, your prayers and continued support. – Case Family

Skeletal remains found in Fort Towson have been positively identified as Caitlyn Case. Case disappeared in August 2022.

written by: Peg Melancon Case, mother of Caitlyn Case


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Happy Birthday Caitlyn!!!

Today, January 25th is Caitlyn Rose Case’s birthday.

Please take a moment to hold her in your hearts and prayers.



We have been working diligently to find additional law enforcement to join in the search and recovery of our daughter and are finally able to officially announce that the following agencies have joined in to provide investigators and support.

These agencies are:

  • Louisiana Attorney General’s office of Criminal Investigation
  • Texas Attorney General’s office of Criminal Investigation, Special Crimes Unit

We have been able to distribute approximately 3000+ flyers throughout the Paris, TX region with the help of local volunteers.

THANK YOU: We especially want to thank Cameron Smith for his dedication to that task.

Both Louisiana and Texas Attorney General’s offices feel it would be extremely helpful to put up one or two Bulletin Boards in the Paris, TX region.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: If anyone of you knows of a vendor that provides that service for a reasonable price in that area please let us know by calling/text to 985.236.2558

We are so grateful for all of you sharing, posting, consoling, and contributing.  You are OUR VILLAGE and we will never forget you.


Caitlyn, a Louisiana native, who had recently moved close to family members in Colorado and was employed as a technical mechanic, flew back to Houma, LA on July 31, to purchase a vehicle and then head back to Colorado to pursue her career and the opportunities for growth that were being offered to her there. She left Houma on August 4, and she kept in constant contact with her family throughout her travels as she was having difficulty with her navigation system in the vehicle and the cell service was sporadic making the use of Google mapping near impossible.

After becoming disoriented in the rural areas of Texas, Her father attempted to manually guide her to the interstate to put her on track for her safe return to Colorado. At approximately 5pm on August 5, 2022, their connection went dead and there was no communication from that point. According to WIFI/Gmail data Caitlyn was located 5 miles southwest of Bogota, TX.

Our family filed a missing person report on August 6, 2022, with Houma, Louisiana Police Department. License plate readers were issued in 9 surrounding states, and she was listed in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database for missing persons. On August 7th, 2022 the 1st cell phone tower ping was recorded in Hugo, OK. The Oklahoma Missing Persons Department immediately deployed a search team to that area. No results were found.

Caitlyn’s father headed to Hugo, OK on the morning of August 8th, 2022, and has essentially lived there since our daughter went missing. We were fortunate to have her banking and credit card transactions to aid law enforcement in their search by tracking down all the stops she made for purchases of fuel and miscellaneous items. Footage was ascertained from as many places as possible that could cooperate with those requests.

On August 12, 2022, Caitlyn’s brother discovered her “find my phone” information and by the grace of an employee at our local Best Buy in Houma, LA was able to pinpoint the location of the phone including the mapping information. Caitlyn’s father contacted the Hugo Police Department with the location information and was assisted with getting onto the private gated property where the phone was shown to be located. Caitlyn’s father actually was the person that located the vehicle on the property.

Caitlyn’s vehicle was discovered behind a private gated property at approximately 3-4 pm on August 12, 2022. It appears that someone was attempting to dispose of the vehicle in the Kiamichi River; however, the attempt was prevented by the grace of God. In the course of traveling toward the path of the river embankment, the vehicle became cradled in-between two small trees overhanging a 75-foot cliff.

After being located, it took 3-4 hours to safely bring her vehicle to solid ground by a local wrecker. My daughter was not in the vehicle. BUT all of her belongings were in the vehicle including both her cell phones including the red tennis shoes that were posted by OSBI in their August 19th Facebook post.

During those hours of waiting for the vehicle recovery, the story of what happened that night on August 5th, 2022 when Caitlyn’s vehicle was dumped, was told by the daughter-in-law of the property owner who lives with her husband on the property to law enforcement in the presence of Caitlyn’s father and neighbors. Two vehicles entered the property and only one left the property. When asked by Hugo Police Detective if the wife was able to identify the existing vehicle’s license plate she stated the vehicle was moving at an accelerated speed and all she could see where the tail lights as it exited the property.

Hugo Police Department Detectives nor OSBI DID NOT SECURE THE PROPERTY OR TREAT IT AS A CRIME SCENE ON AUGUST 12 2022. Officially my daughter’s car landed at the final destination according to GPS Hit/Gmail at 11:46pm August 5, 2022.

On August 13, 2022, a non-profit search and rescue group provided a team of dogs and their handlers to search the private property. This service was coordinated by Caitlyn’s mother. The search team did not discover Caitlyn or any of her belongings on the property. However, it is to be noted that the search was not completed due to the owner’s son requesting to abort the search.

Our daughter’s case was turned over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) on August 13, 2022, after her vehicle was recovered in the state of Oklahoma. However, while OSBI is the lead on this case, it is complicated by the fact that Caitlyn’s case actually spans across three states (Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana). And anyone across those states, or beyond could have information that could help us solve her case.

Someone knows what happened to our daughter on August 5, 2022.

Since the OSBI publication on August 19th we have received the travel log through GPS/Gmail, Wifi, License plate readers, and a few 911 calls. One of the 911 calls received at 10:53 pm on August 5th was not dispatched by the 911 center and would have been crucial in finding out who was in control of the vehicle and possibly life-saving.

In studying the information we were provided by OSBI there are several gaps regarding our daughter’s last known location where Caitlyn was speaking to her father and all communication had stopped.

This is in the Solar Plant area south of Cunningham, TX. FM17360/17300. There is no GPS/Gmail data from 5:16pm to 6:59pm with the exception of a WiFI hit at 6:10pm on CR17300 Road Southeast of Cunningham, TX. where supposedly an eye witness spoke to Caitlyn in his driveway and she stated she had made a wrong turn. OSBI Mapping has her vehicle leaving Cunningham, TX at 6:59pm. We have asked for assistance and still have not been able to get sufficient answers.

We are asking for your help to bring justice to those that participated in her disappearance and help in locating where our daughter can be found. Deceased or alive. Our family will be providing a reward to the person/persons once the information is verified. We believe our daughter was abducted and are desperate to find answers that will finally piece together what happened to her.

Our family will never give up looking for our daughter and never give up fighting for the justice she deserves.

Our daughter is one of the kindest, most trusting human beings on this planet.

We are asking you to join her page, share her story, and stand with us to help fight until we find her and all the missing persons in the OK/TX area.

They all deserve our love and our courage to stand for what is right. We will all join in to fight this together.

If you have any information at all about CAITLYN…please email/call/text us: (985) 236-2558

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